Best Casino Hotel Resorts in Las Vegas

If you’re a fan of casino hotels and plan to visit Las Vegas for a few days, we’re here to help you choose the best hotels to stay in and to have the best Las Vegas experience. Everyone who’s been here will tell you this is a city that never sleeps and where the fun never ends!

Vegas is home to over 100 state-of-the-art casino hotels. But you know what they say? That there can only be a few commanders in the army barracks.

So, we’ve handpicked eight resorts that we believe offer you an excellent mix of great accommodation and fun entertainment. Put simply, these are our most recommended casino hotels in Las Vegas.


Our Top Picks





Welcome to Bellagio, a haven of slot machines and to-die-for accommodation!
Enjoy a mix of top-class gaming experience, entertainment and stellar room service.
You won’t find a more conveniently located Las Vegas casino hotel– right next to the airport!
Luxury accommodation, affordable rates, and lots of special offers are what you get at Wynn!
High-end games, scenic views, top dining options, and a breathtaking SkyPod all under one roof!
Your ultimate destination for a once-in-a-lifetime gaming, entertainment, and outdoor fun!
A spa treatment to die for and an unforgettable gaming experience.
Your perfect destination when looking for high-end casino gaming, luxurious room service and mouth-watering cuisines.

How We Pick Our Top Hotels

OK, we know what you’re thinking…but how do you tell that one casino hotel is better than the other? Well, here’s how we do it; we analyze different casino hotels, weigh them against the competition, and rank them based on how they score on several structured parameters.

A few key factors that we look at include the convenience of their location, available games and particularly slots, whether there are other entertainment spots, promotions, and the quality of service. Each of our picks has to score highly on every aspect.

About Us

We are a team of casino hotel expert reviewers who enjoy putting Las Vegas casino resorts to the test. We aim to provide you with impartial reviews and recommendations of these establishments. Every information you find on this website is based on pure facts which we discover from our in-depth research.

Remember, we’re not a gambling site, neither are we affiliated in any way with the land casinos that we recommend here. We understand that the gambling sector in Las Vegas is governed by strict rules and regulations. Therefore, before anything else, we ensure that a casino hotels conforms to the set codes of conduct before recommending it to you.

A couple more factors that influence our decision are cleanliness and strategic positioning. We reckon that a popular casino hotel records a lot of foot traffic, and as such, it has to ensure its environment is always in tip-top condition, hygienic and safe. Finally, we love it when people can easily access our top picks. We promote land-based casinos and encourage you to play solely for recreational purposes and not to create wealth. We wish you the best of luck!